Cake and Flowers

My mother, Sarah, and I went to have a floral consultation on Saturday.  The trip out there was a little interesting; we got a bit lost, and then figured out that the house of the florist, while having an even-numbered address, is on the odd-numbered side of the highway.  Neat.

The flowers, though, are really pretty cool, and I’m excited about them.  Andy has chosen the route of benign neglect when it comes to the flowers, so we’re all set.

I was expecting to talk to several florists, but then, at the end of the consultation, my mother asked how to put down a deposit.  So we’re going with her, and that’s great!

Andy had his own adventure yesterday.  He got to meet with a baker.  He was armed with pictures and came back with a dozen cupcakes — four of each of three flavors.  We’re favoring one flavor over the others.  We have another appointment with another baker, but we’re thinking about just having the first baker do our actual cake.  We had to pay for the tasting, though, so we’re definitely going!

— Julia

Scheduling Consultations

So, I’ve spent the last day or two’s worth of spare time to research florists and bakeries.  We’ve got to get these consultations done so that everything’s set!  It makes me nervous, having all this stuff just hanging in the air.  Get it nailed down!  I’ve felt like a very big slacker, and now I’m playing catch-up to get where other brides are.

— Julia


Andy and I braved the elements and the worst of my cold to meet with a photographer this week.  His name is Zach Sutton, and he seems pretty good.  His website stuff shows mainly portraiture work, but we got to see a whole display of his wedding and engagement work, which was really good.  We’re excited!

The only thing that made me feel bad was that I had a horrendous cold — in fact, I’m still talking a bit like a hard-drinking, two-pack-a-day elderly woman.  I kept hoping Andy would say, “We’re going with you!  Give us contract!”  He can usually read me, but because I was sick, my face didn’t look normal.  Or something.  That’s his excuse.

So now we get to send off a big check.  Hooray!

— Julia

The Weekend that Didn’t Turn Out As Planned

So … Andy and I had our tasting set up at Fetzer on Sunday.  On Thursday, I started getting sick.  Friday, I was sick.  No doubt.  Saturday started off as a fooler — felt better until after the purchase of our couch.  Then … oh, man.  Hot sweats, chills, runny nose, coughing, vomiting, a monster headache, they all came along for the ride.

I was so bad that Andy took me to the ER Sunday morning.  My parents met us, and my dad and Andy ended up going to Fetzer together.  They enjoyed the quality time together.

Later in the weekend we looked at photographers and started emailing them.  The first five (!) were already busy that day, although I wonder how many have jobs and how many are taking that weekend off.  We have found two who are going to meet with us, so that’s pretty exciting.  Here’s hoping for good things!

– Julia

Seeing the Girls!

Sarah, Kendra, Jess and I were able to all get together this past Tuesday.  It made my year!

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Fun Stuff Ahead

Fetzer is having a closed tasting and vendor show in January.  Andy, my parents, and I are going to attend, and that’s exciting.  They’ll get to pick out the meals, since I am a meat-free creature, and we’ll get to look at some florists and cake people and whatnot.  So, that’s exciting!

Also, Jess is going to be in town in between Christmas and New Year’s, so I’m arranging for her to meet Sarah and Kendra.  I’m trying to think of somewhere that would be both good and quiet.  Maybe Gallagher’s.  At least the dining area would be quiet, and it’s not too far away from KVCC.

I’m very anxious for this next week!

— Julia

Cory’s Wedding!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated here.  I feel neglectful.  I haven’t been sitting on my butt, though — we’ve both been keeping busy, and one of the most enjoyable pieces of business we had this past week was my step-cousin Cory’s wedding to her gentleman Kevin.

They had a very nice ceremony at St. Catherine of Siena, a Catholic church in Portage.  It’s really quite pretty inside.  The bridesmaids had … well, they weren’t quite plum dresses, but on that order.  They were very elegant with simple lines.  Cory’s dress had those little airy ruffles on the skirt, which I thought suited her personality well.  She’s so upbeat!  Her flowers were really gorgeous.  I’m going to have to ask her who did them, because they were quite beautiful.

I will admit to being teary at a couple of points.  Kevin and Cory make a wonderful couple, and I’m very happy for them.  Yay!

— Julia


Flower Shopping

I’ve got a list together of florists who I am going to visit in the next month or so.  I’m wondering how long it takes to do a consultation … I’m also thinking I need appointments with these people.

I’ve also got a list together of flowers needed:

  1. Bridal bouquet
  2. Jess’ bouquet
  3. Kendra’s bouquet
  4. Sarah’s bouquet
  5. Katie’s bouquet
  6. Mom Cameron’s corsage
  7. Mom Young’s corsage
  8. Stephanie’s corsage
  9. Grandma Cameron’s corsage
  10. Grandma McDonald’s corsage
  11. Grandma Meier’s corsage
  12. Grandma Young’s corsage
  13. Andy’s boutonniere
  14. Scott’s boutonniere
  15. Usher boutonniere
  16. Usher boutonniere
  17. Usher boutonniere
  18. Usher boutonniere
  19. Dad Cameron’s boutonniere
  20. Dad Young’s boutonniere
  21. Altar arrangement

I think that’s it.  I’m not doing flowers at the reception.  I’m thinking the above is going to cost enough money.

— Julia


We went out to dinner with Andy’s parents last night, in honor of his mother’s birthday.  While eating, the subject of the rehearsal dinner came up.

“Where do you want it?” Andy’s dad asked.

We had thought about this a little bit.  “Maybe here,” I said — we were eating at Fieldstone Grill, the place Andy proposed to me.  “Also, maybe The Union.”

“How about Zazio’s?”

“No, my dad doesn’t like Zazio’s.”


Now there’s a good idea.

His mother was more focused on who should be coming to the dinner, and the number thereof.

“We need a number before we can plan!  We need to know who’s coming!”

“We won’t know that until RSVPs come back, which won’t go out until … May?  June?  Sometime in there.”

So we’ll have to do a count of everyone on the list who’s out of town, as well as the wedding party and grandparents.  Hold on a minute … let me do that right now.

Eighty-seven.  Eighty-seven people.  That’s larger than Sarah’s wedding.  That’s a tad ridiculous.  But if we need a number, there we go.

— Julia

Welcome the Ladies!

Kendra, Sarah, and I went out to dinner and a movie last night.  Before we went, I talked to Andy about something.

“Hey,” I said.  “How would you feel if I asked Kendra and Sarah to be bridesmaids?”

“That’s fine,” he said.

So, there I am at dinner, quiet and nervous.  We order, and I have to get it out.

“I have a question for the two of you,” I said.

They looked at me.  “What’s that?” Sarah asked.

“Would you two be willing to be bridesmaids?”

And they both said yes!  How lucky I am to have two such great friends!


Photos from Chinn Chinn


Kendra and Sarah

Kendra and Sarah, looking cute

All three

Kendra, me, and Sarah -- the waitress was kind enough to provide photography service

— Julia

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